What is Signup?

Signup is a non-custodial platform as a service for developers to build BCH decentralized apps. Developers can use this platform to onboard users without any need to keep the custody of their private keys. Providing a safer and more reliable environment to build Bitcoin Cash apps for the web.
The core elements of the Signup consist of:

DApp Wallet: A non-custodial fully functional and programmable wallet on users browser to work like a secure gateway, allowing users to login, perform transactions and provide signatures to the applications.

Libraries: Utility functions and easy to use API for developers to request users for different type of transactions or signatures without exposing the technical side of building a transaction on the blockchain.

Provider: A script that can be inserted in the html of the applications or be imported by modern JavaScript environments to connect applications to Signup wallet.

Signup will provide a very high-level and easy to understand API for developers to enhance special functions like signign transactions, requesting/verifying signatures and giving authorized access to users using their Bitcoin Cash address.

Where to start?

You can start by going through our documentation page or join the Telegram group (both links are provided on top) to learn more about how to utilize Signup in your application.