What is SIGNUP?

Signup is a library for web developers to request Bitcoin Cash transactions from their users. They can ask users to pay for a service or perform social interactions on top of Memo protocol without keeping the custody of their users private key or asking them to scan QR codes with their phone wallet. See it like a non-custodial alternative to Facebook Login buttons!

Signup will provide a very high-level and easy to understand API for developers to enhance special functions like communicating with Memo protocol without understanding the caveats of OP_RETURN script.

How it works?

Developers register in Signup and receive a two line script that will BCH-enable their website. Meaning that they can simply request users for any kind of transaction and users will confirm the request with a click. Developers under no condition have the ability to make the users perform unwanted transaction or find out about their private or even public key.

Show me the code!

As an example with this code you can authenticate the user (if they are already not) and request them to pay 1000 satoshi and then follow my username in memo!

(async function() {
  const user = await signup.cash.authorize();
  // requesting your user to pay
  await user.pay(1000, 'SAT');
  // requesting your user to follow p0oker in memo
  await user.memoProtocol.follow('p0oker');

Is it ready to be used?

Yes, here is the announcement article explaining the goals and objectives of SIGNUP. Feel free to join the Telegram group and say hi!